Will the DX Revolution Occur in Society with Digital Twins?

TOKYO2040 Side B 11th “A DX revolution will occur in society with digital twins?” 』

What if there is a “living copy” in the digital world?

It is the season for tax returns. I’ve been doing it for many years, so I’m used to it, but I think everyone has the impression that it takes time and effort.

The ideal of DX is that daily life is recorded fully automatically, a life log is created that tells what month, what day, what kind of money goes in and out, and my number card is posted on the e-Tax site. The moment I log in with, the items will be filled up based on that log, and I hope that the future will come when the final tax return will be completed just by confirming and consenting to the person.

Approximately the difficulty of filing a tax return is not only to summarize information that is created in different formats and whose location is not fixed by attribute, but also that the rules applied to each are different one by one.

Which of the money that goes in and out of the year is withheld, what is paid and what can be used as an expense, and what is insurance? What is the medical deduction? Why is it so complicated when it happened to me?

What if this kind of information is not scattered all over the place, but is aggregated in the “living copy of oneself” that exists in the digital world …? That is the “digital twin” that we will cover this time.

Digital twin is a complete reproduction of the world

Originally, not only a living copy of a person formed by data is called a “twin”, but a copy of some system or world that actually exists into the digital world is called a “digital twin”.

Last time, I took up the Metaverse and wrote about the state of “multiverse” that walks across many metaverses, but if you apply the digital twin to the city, it will be a state where the city is reproduced as it is.

It is important to note that when a digital twin is expressed as a metaverse, it will not be effective unless all the sense of scale and the laws of physics are “reproduced”. This requires a huge amount of data that composes reality, and it is necessary to take time to collect it in advance.

Furthermore, it is also important to be able to acquire real-time information using drones and various sensors. The reason is that the digital twin in this case functions as an “advanced simulator”. It can be said that the value of digital twins is to instantly connect to solutions based on what is happening in the field.

In the real world, it costs money to go through a cycle of trial and error, that is, tuning improvement such as PDCA. If you make a digital twin here in advance and anticipate that it will occur as much as possible there, it will help to reduce costs.

It is said that the full copy of the world with a metaverse approach will be very useful for urban design and disaster countermeasures in the future.

In addition, the digital twin method is also used for large machines and equipment such as aircraft, rockets, factories and generators. In the past, it was important to carry out daily inspections, such as the fact that it was unpredictable which structure and parts would be loaded depending on the environment and weather. It is a clue to anticipation and improvement.

How to deal with your own digital twin

So what can you think of if you make an individual a digital twin? As mentioned above, in the real world, there are too many data with different formats and those that have not been converted into data in the first place. We will make each digital twin and take a thorough life log. Perhaps you know more about yourself in terms of experience and accumulation of experiences than you think.

In the 11th episode of the novel “TOKYO2040” serialized in this magazine, I wrote a conversation that the missing “digital twin” might be wandering in the Metaverse, but I combined AI with the aggregated data. If you release it to the Metaverse as a bot (meaning about an automatically controlled avatar here), it will start to move just like you.

People made of digital twins live in a city made of digital twins …. Seeing that, a real person might say, “I wonder if today’s outing should be the same as what the digital twin did.”

Is there a turning point in the handling of personal information?

Although there are bright and fun future predictions by digital twins, at present, there is no mechanism to “aggregate information in digital twins and the system will refer to and access it”. Based on the Personal Information Protection Law, personal information that has been entered and permitted to be used in various places is only present in the gurnard, which can be said to be dissipated.

Few people know everything about where each piece of personal information is stored and how it can be controlled. I think it is the flip side of the fact that people cannot take responsibility for grasping and using personal information as much as they think.

This situation is inconvenient because it is not centralized, and it is not only bad, but also when it is leaked or used unexpectedly because it is dispersed. It can be said that the damage is small with only a part of the damage.

It can be said that the utilization of digital twins by individuals can be achieved by changing from “the era of inputting personal information to the gurnard” to “the era of coming to refer to the information aggregated in the digital twin from the gurnard”.
While waiting for that moment to come, I would like to gradually achieve DX in my daily life, such as completing final tax returns electronically.

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