The best of digital amplifiers and analog circuits! ORION’s CD stereo “SMC-350BT” equipped with a vacuum tube hybrid amplifier

Doshisha, which plans, develops, and sells daily life-related products, has released the “ORION vacuum tube hybrid amplifier-equipped Bluetooth-compatible CD stereo SMC-350BT” from the company’s comprehensive audiovisual product brand “ORION”. Released. The reference selling price is 43,780 yen.

As a successor to the CD stereo SMC-300BT equipped with a SANSUI vacuum tube hybrid amplifier, this product uses high-quality aluminum for the front panel while maintaining the concept of “faithfully reproducing the original sound.” By changing the amplifier output from 60W to 70W in total, it becomes a model with more dynamic sound quality.

Equipped with a vacuum tube hybrid amplifier that combines a digital amplifier

By incorporating a vacuum tube circuit in the primary stage, which affects the sound quality of the amplifier, and combining a digital amplifier in the secondary stage, which requires the power to dynamically move the speaker, fine and thick sound quality is reproduced.

In addition, the vacuum tube on the front of the main unit lights up slightly gently when the power is turned on.

Adopted “Japanese paper material cone paper woofer” pursuing accurate sound image localization

By incorporating it into a 2WAY wooden MDF bass reflex cabinet, it reproduces rich low frequencies and a relaxed midrange. Woofer corn paper does not color the Japanese paper material “Mitsumata / Sansho”, and brings out the natural texture of the material.

As for the speaker terminal, both the main body and the speaker are compatible with banana plugs, and the external input RCA terminal is also gold-plated, making it a specification that can satisfy sound quality-oriented groups.

In addition, the front panel of the product and the volume knob are made of machined aluminum, which is strong against resonance and has a high-class feel.

About the original W-RPM (Washi-Relative Pulp Mold) speaker

Materials with different properties are made into a single cone paper using a unique manufacturing method on the front and back of the speaker cone paper.
By using the Japanese paper material “Mitsumata Sansho” used for 10,000 yen bills on the surface, clear mid-high tones with elasticity are reproduced.

By using “pulp” with excellent elasticity on the back side, a large internal loss can be taken and rich bass reproduction is realized.

Main product specifications and specifications

・ Amplifier: Rated output (RMSTHD10%) 35W + 35W Total 70W
-CD part: Playable disc CD / CD-R / CD-RW Playback format CD-DA / MP3 / WMA
-USB terminal: Usable USB memory 32GB or less FAT32 MP3 / WMA playback 5V / 1A output
-Tuner section: FM wideband 76-108MHz PLL auto scan 20 station preset
-Bluetooth part: Ver 5.0 profile A2DP / AVRCP codec SBC
・ Speaker: 2WAY bass reflex 11cm Japanese paper material woofer, 2.5cm tweeter, hard MDF cabinet

Product specifications

Product name: ORION Bluetooth compatible CD stereo system with vacuum tube hybrid amplifier
Model number: SMC-350BT
Body size: Approximately width 234 x depth 244 x height 132 mm (excluding protrusions)
Speaker: Width 160 x Depth 202 x Height 243 mm (1 speaker)
Weight: Main unit + speaker approx. 6.9kg
Power supply: AC100V 50 / 60Hz
Accessories: Wireless remote control (with built-in trial battery) FM antenna Instruction manual / Warranty
Reference selling price: 43,780 yen (tax included)

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