Olympus’ flagship mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera “OM-1” with improved AF and continuous shooting performance

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera “OM SYSTEM OM-1”

OM Digital Solutions’ OM SYSTEM OM-1 combines newly developed devices and cutting-edge digital technology to achieve high image quality that overturns the common sense of sensor size, as well as AF and continuous shooting performance that greatly exceeds conventional models. The basic performance has also evolved significantly.

In addition, the company was one of the first to adopt computational photography (digital image processing) technology so that anyone could easily enjoy advanced photography that required special equipment and skills, such as “live composite” and “live composite”. We have provided video expressions such as “high resolution shots”.

In “OM SYSTEM OM-1”, the computational photography function has been strengthened to further expand the image expression of the single-lens reflex camera, realizing expressive shooting in more scenes.

With high mobility that makes the best use of the features of Micro Four Thirds, anyone can easily carry around anytime and anywhere, and anyone can easily realize various image expressions unique to single-lens cameras with high image quality and high performance. It is a next-generation Micro Four Thirds camera provided by “OM SYSTEM”.

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