Microsoft releases Japanese version of 3D audio map application “Soundscape” that guides around your current location with 3D voice

Microsoft releases Japanese version of 3D audio map application “Soundscape” that guides around your current location with 3D voice

Microsoft has released the Japanese version of the 3D audio map app “Soundscape”. “Soundscape” helps you move more comfortably in unfamiliar places by reading out information about your current location and points such as store names in the vicinity with 3D voice, and by notifying you of the direction of your destination with sound. An app that allows you to enjoy walking around the city while making new discoveries.

Information such as points, roads, and intersections recognized by the GPS function, position sensor, and activity sensor of the smartphone is read aloud by 3D voice.

You can always check the current location, direction, and what is nearby by voice, and you can save the places you often go to, the places you care about, the corners, etc. as markers, or set them as destinations.

When you set a destination, you can hear the sound from that direction and read out the distance to the destination, so you can approach the destination correctly and with peace of mind.

You can also set multiple destinations as intermediate points to create a route, so you can follow the route by voice.

Saved markers and created routes can also be shared with other Soundscape users, so you can create markers and routes on behalf of users who can’t get to that location or are difficult to navigate to help them move. You can also do it.

With the Street Preview function, you can hear the route to that place from a remote place, so you can imagine a map to your destination.

Sony’s wireless headphones “Link Buds” support comfortable walking in the city

Soundscape can be used with both wired and wireless headphones, but Sony’s new wireless headphones “Link Buds” are equipped with a function that can recognize the direction of the head using the compass / gyro sensor built into the main unit.

This makes it possible to recognize the voice from the destination without holding the smartphone when walking around the city.

In addition, by taking advantage of the features of this unit that does not block your ears, you can obtain voice from the direction of your destination and information on surrounding buildings and intersections by voice while listening to the surrounding sounds naturally. By linking functions with Soundscape, we support more people’s comfortable walking around the city.

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