How will education change with the Metaverse? Free provision of 2D virtual space

With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, classes are closed and closed schools all over the country. Many people are worried about the burden on the family, such as having to take a break from work to see their children at home, and delays in class, but the lack of communication has a great psychological effect.

When the first state of emergency was declared and the nursery school was closed, I remember that the author’s son also became emotionally unstable, with strange voices and anger. After the nursery school was reopened, it subsided, which reminded me of the importance of contact and communication with people other than my family.

OVice, Inc. has moved to increase new communication in the Metaverse and eliminate the feeling of loneliness of children. We have started to provide free 2D virtual space “oVice” that allows you to interact with avatars to public and private elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools (including technical colleges) nationwide.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a coined word that combines “meta (transcendent)” and “universe (universe)” and is a virtual space. Facebook changed its name to “Meta” in October last year, further raising attention and expectations.

The word Metaverse is unfamiliar, but in the entertainment field, communication using avatars has traditionally existed. Games such as “Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest” and “Fort Knight” are one of them. The movie “Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime” released in 2021 depicts a girl growing up in the wake of the world of Metaverse, and became a big hit with box office revenue of over 5 billion yen.

The use of Metaverse is advancing not only in entertainment but also in the medical field such as surgery and medical examination. Expectations for the Metaverse will increase even in educational settings in the Corona disaster.

Realistic communication

“OVice”, which will be provided free of charge to elementary, junior high and high schools this time, is a two-dimensional virtual space where you can easily talk by moving your avatar freely on the web and bringing it closer to the other party’s avatar. In oVice, the voice of a nearby person (avatar) is loud, and the voice of a distant person is quiet.

You can start a conversation as naturally as in a real place, such as moving closer to the person you want to talk to and participating in a conversation heard nearby. Since the service started in August 2020, it has issued 17,000 spaces mainly to companies that introduce telework. (As of December 2021)

At Kyoto Tachibana University, an open campus was held in oVice, and current students and participants freely interacted with each other via avatars in a space that imagined a new building. Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen used oVice to communicate with the executive committee members of the online school festival held in 2021.

“What I felt using oVice is that not only can you move freely with your avatar and talk to various people, but you can also easily create accidental communication, such as when you happen to be in the same space and the conversation starts. We hope to increase opportunities to interact online through this and share the same time with students in remote areas, which will lead to further learning for students. “(Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen staff)

To move to a real place

With oVice, you can adjust the reach of your voice, so if you widen the range, teachers can stand on the podium and give lessons. When the range is narrowed and divided into groups, the voices of other groups cannot be heard. If you want to join the next group, you can move your avatar and have a conversation. Now that real communication is decreasing, it’s more than I expected to feel the sign of a third party while at home. What kind of impact will Metaverse have on educational settings in the future?

“We believe that children’s experiences will be enriched. For example, using VR goggles to learn geography as if they were actually in the place, so that they can have an unprecedented experience in the field of education. I feel that it will be generalized in 5 or 10 years. However, rather than doing all of the education in metaverse, metaverse will be incorporated as part of the lesson. It is an image.

In this free offer, children who feel lonely due to the lack of offline interaction due to corona will be asked to interact with reality on the metaverse called oVice, and when Corona calms down, they will return to offline with confidence. I want it. “(OVice, Inc. CEO John Sehyung)

In the future, Metaverse will make our lives more convenient and enriched in various fields such as medical care, education, and fashion. With the premise that the Metaverse will not replace the real world, expectations are high for what kind of world it will show this time.

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