HIKKY launches a new city design “Paralial World Project” to create a city that actually exists on the Metaverse

“Paral Real World Project” to create a city that exists in the real world on the Metaverse

HIKKY has launched the “Paralial World Project” with the aim of realizing “a pararenal city that anyone can freely interpret and use”, and announced that it will metaverse 100 cities around the world within five years.

“Paralial” advocated by HIKKY is a coined word that combines “parallel world (parallel world)” + “real (real world)”, and means that it exists in parallel with the real and the metaverse.

The Para real World Project reinterprets a city that actually exists in the real world like a city on the Metaverse, and designs a new city by balancing the goodness of reality with the expression unique to the Metaverse.

Currently, people’s values ​​are diversifying, and the way the city looks and the city it wants to be is different depending on the values ​​that each person has.

In the real world, many values ​​are piled up in one city that exists and forms one figure, but cities in virtual space accept each and every one of the diversified values, and there are many. It is possible to take a figure.

It can be a city with a landscape that can be mistaken for the real world, and it can also provide expressions and experiences that can be created only on the Metaverse. And the way to utilize it is infinite.

Last year, HIKKY recreated the cities of Shibuya and Akihabara on the Metaverse. Starting with the permanent installation of Para real Shibuya and Para real Akihabara, Osaka and New York will be metaverse by the end of 2022 and reproduced as Para real cities. Going forward, we aim to make 100 cities around the world a metaverse within five years and provide them at the “Open Metaverse” venue.

The Para real World Project aims to realize a society in which people’s creativity can be further demonstrated through the metaverse and parallelization of existing cities.

What the Parareal World Realizes

① Opening a store in the Metaverse space

It is possible to set up a Metaverse store in a para real city. The store to be opened can be created with a design that imitates an actual store, or it can be designed unique to Metaverse, ignoring the laws of physics.

Metaverse City Event / Advertising Jack

With Para real City, it is possible to hold a super-large event that jacks the entire city without being bound by various factors such as equipment installation, time, and management personnel.

③ Metaverse sightseeing spot and Metaverse trip

In the Metaverse, which is not affected by physical distance, it is possible to visit tourist destinations far away without leaving the house. It aims to support the tourism industry, which is susceptible to pandemics and earthquakes.

The future of the parareal world

◆ Enables administrative procedures in the Metaverse space

Metaverse solves the problems of the physical world such as movement and matrix. We will work to solve problems for the elderly who need administrative procedures but have difficulty moving, and social problems where congestion due to queues poses an infection risk.

◆ Education is possible in the Metaverse space

Educational institutions in the Metaverse space, which can be accessed from anywhere, can solve problems such as regional disparities in education and compensation for educational opportunities lost during pandemics.

Work and life will change so much!”Introduction to Metaverse”

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